My art is inspired by life, by the people around me and by all that is us. And most importantly my art is inspired by the strong calling of my heart to take those subtle ideas from deep within and bring them to life on canvas.

At a young age I loved to colour. My favourite subject was the maidens in fairytale books. Colouring was my naive way of expressing my emotions and making them tangible. Fast forward in time and I now paint figurative oil paintings that fuse Old-Master techniques with a contemporary narrative style. My art is often described as moving or emotional, symbolic, uplifting and even inspirational.

My process is to apply layer upon layer of rich, vibrant, colours and soft gestures to reveal illuminating effects. Throughout the buildup of each layer I strive to create an expression of feminine softness within my art to communicate emotion, a sense of harmony, depth and texture.

Fallen Heroes

I invite you to discover the joy that trees can bring through our Tree Ring artwork titled ´Fallen Heroes’.

As a supporter of cancer causes, our project ‘Fallen Heroes’ was created to support Cancercare Manitoba Foundation and Cancer Quebec.

Recent Awards