Agnes Jorgensen is an outstanding figurative painter who captures the unique personalities of her subjects. She creates beautiful illuminating effects using the Old Master techniques.

— Renee Phillips, Curator / Founder / Director / Editor of Manhattan Arts International

Agnes Jorgensen has blessed our family, with her ability to capture our daughter and her boys, Finnigan and Huckleberry.

I cried when I saw the finished product. Agnes has captured the love between my daughter and her dogs. She has captured the joy of a young girl, Finnigan’s wise eyes, and our mischievous puppy Huckleberry.

This project had an additional challenge of being from three different photos. As one might expect getting these three to sit still and look at the camera at the same time, was impossible.

Agnes has captured the love and emotion of these three, which we have not been able to capture through a single photo.

I am so grateful.

— Jennifer Floyde

I discovered Agnes Jorgensen’s art while searching for a unique gift for my wife’s birthday. I was intrigued by the paintings I saw and thought the life that she brings out in her paintings was the feeling I wanted for my wife’s portrait. My boys and I chose a photograph that we loved and sent it to Agnes. We exchanged emails where she asked about my wife’s favourite colours, her hobbies, her personality, her profession and our family. The portrait turned out beautifully. It captures Shannon completely. Agnes included personal touches such as creating the necklace in the photo with our boys initials and gold earrings of the nursing symbol to honour Shannon’s profession.

The entire process was effortless and friendly. We look forward to adding more of her paintings to our home.

Thank you so much for this treasure.

— Ian, Shannon, David, Jack and Owen, Winnipeg, MB

My husband and I first met Agnes at an Art show in Toronto many years ago. We were strolling through the gallery with our daughter in tow who I recall was still in a stroller. We bought two of her paintings that day. Beautiful winter scenes of children playing on the ice and snow. A few years later I wanted to give my husband something very special for Father’s Day and commissioned a painting of his father fishing off the dock at his cottage. It was amazing how Agnes captured his mannerisms so perfectly. He was profoundly pleased with this gift and later when we showed it to his dad he was more emotional than I had ever seen him. We are so grateful to have captured this moment on canvas and it is especially important to us now that we no longer have his father with us.

I called on Agnes two more times to commission paintings of our cottage so we could enjoy this place all year round as it hangs in our foyer. And recently for my oldest daughter’s 40th birthday I commissioned a painting of her 4-year-old twins. We very much enjoy these sentimental pieces which have been so elegantly captured on canvas thanks to Agnes and her incredible ability to portray such real-life likeness and emotion through her paintings. We will always be grateful. Thank you so much Agnes!

— Debbie Smith, Markham Ontario

I received the most wonderful gift from my sister, Aggie (Agnes Jorgensen). She painted a portrait of my Dear Ken. I love how she captured his presence and his zest for life. Her ability to catch the likeness and characteristics of Ken deeply moves me.

Ken loved to go fishing in his favourite boat ‘The Minnow’ with his first mate Leonard. Like every other fishing day, Ken was always waiting for the big catch. On this particular day, we laughed a lot because his big catch was a tiny minnow. Leonard was not impressed.

Words are hard to find to thank my awesome sister for this very special gift of love. For me, this painting is so emotional and moving. It brings so many good memories and it also makes me smile.

Aggie, your art is a powerful healer.

— Rita Terrick, Winnipeg, Manitoba

Agnes Jorgensen is an extraordinary artist to be discovered. I am impressed by the way she was able to capture my mother’s personality without having met her. Her use of warm colours, soft touch and illuminating light in my mother’s eyes moves me each time I look at the painting.

— Nicole Michel, Directeur Garderie Le Rucher, Montreal, Quebec

Having watched Agnes Jorgensen’s art over the years brings us great pleasure. We have been fortunate enough to obtain one of her works. We purchased and hung this work in August 2006 in our home. While I’m proud to show many of our pieces of art, Aggie’s painting continues to capture all visitor’s attention. We continually are asked where we got this painting or who is the artist. We then listen to comments of how much they love the painting.

Agnes uses such vibrant colour mixed with what I consider flawless facial features captured with her subjects. With the mix of colours Agnes brings these people to life in ways that leave you begging to know more of the story. I am incredibly pleased to see her artistic skills in her works. Agnes Jorgensen is an artist to follow!

— Howard Rybuck, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

I met Aggie through my husband’s work when she asked him if she could do a painting of one of our cats. When ‘Purrfectly Innocent’ became a reality, I realized what an amazing talent she had for capturing the essence of the living soul.

I was both honoured and challenged to be given the responsibility of developing her initial website to showcase her amazing talent. With much hard work on both of our parts, we managed to do the paintings justice.

I am now the proud owner of five of her wonderful paintings that I’m lucky enough to see everyday. I commissioned another for my nephew and his wife of their beloved dog, which hangs proudly at the top of their stairs.

Not only is Agnes a world-class artist, but also a kind and compassionate human being which shows through her artwork. I’m so lucky to call her a friend.

— Jill Creighton, Nanaimo, B.C

Agnes also painted a portrait of my granddaughter titled ‘Dressing Up.’ Her amazing artistic skills also brought this portrait to life.

— Nicole Michel, Directeur Garderie Le Rucher, Montreal, Quebec

Call it destiny, but one day the phone rang and a lady asked if I would tutor her son in French as they had arrived from Winnipeg to Quebec. Little did I know that I was about to enter into a world and family of outstanding artists whose warmth, talent and very essence captured my friendship to the extent that I now regard them as family. I was truly privileged to witness the extraordinary creative process of the husband and wife team whose talent is beyond words each in their own individual styles.

A few years ago during Christmas time, I lost my dog, my beautiful Donovan. It was at this moment in time while I was tutoring their son Patrick that Agnes said that she had something for me.

To my amazement, Agnes had made this so true to life painting of Donovan. No words can describe the accuracy with which she had captured the very nature of Donovan.

Agnes truly paints with the Soul. The harmony of colors, sensitivity and precision with which she approaches her subject matter goes beyond the comprehension of the intellect. It comes from another dimension.

— Lionel Cuccioletta, Laval, Quebec

I have known Agnes Jorgensen for many years and to know Agnes is to love her and her reflection in her artwork. Synonymously known perhaps, as “The Art of Agnes”. Agnes’ art is a combination of reality…her entire emotions and at times, fantasy can be detected either as being whimsical; but always creative.

Agnes is as passionate about her art as she is about life. This element is reflected in all her paintings. Her paintings constitute a realm of feelings which surface from the heart. Whether the topic is one of personal experience, or one that is requested by an individual; Agnes puts her heart and soul into the completion of a painting. The end result is always exquisite and unique beauty.

— Arlene Krupp, Laval, Quebec