My husband and I first met Agnes at an Art show in Toronto many years ago. We were strolling through the gallery with our daughter in tow who I recall was still in a stroller. We bought two of her paintings that day. Beautiful winter scenes of children playing on the ice and snow. A few years later I wanted to give my husband something very special for Father’s Day and commissioned a painting of his father fishing off the dock at his cottage. It was amazing how Agnes captured his mannerisms so perfectly. He was profoundly pleased with this gift and later when we showed it to his dad he was more emotional than I had ever seen him. We are so grateful to have captured this moment on canvas and it is especially important to us now that we no longer have his father with us.

I called on Agnes two more times to commission paintings of our cottage so we could enjoy this place all year round as it hangs in our foyer. And recently for my oldest daughter’s 40th birthday I commissioned a painting of her 4-year-old twins. We very much enjoy these sentimental pieces which have been so elegantly captured on canvas thanks to Agnes and her incredible ability to portray such real-life likeness and emotion through her paintings. We will always be grateful. Thank you so much Agnes!

— Debbie Smith, Markham Ontario