I met Aggie through my husband’s work when she asked him if she could do a painting of one of our cats. When ‘Purrfectly Innocent’ became a reality, I realized what an amazing talent she had for capturing the essence of the living soul.

I was both honoured and challenged to be given the responsibility of developing her initial website to showcase her amazing talent. With much hard work on both of our parts, we managed to do the paintings justice.

I am now the proud owner of five of her wonderful paintings that I’m lucky enough to see everyday. I commissioned another for my nephew and his wife of their beloved dog, which hangs proudly at the top of their stairs.

Not only is Agnes a world-class artist, but also a kind and compassionate human being which shows through her artwork. I’m so lucky to call her a friend.

— Jill Creighton, Nanaimo, B.C