Call it destiny, but one day the phone rang and a lady asked if I would tutor her son in French as they had arrived from Winnipeg to Quebec. Little did I know that I was about to enter into a world and family of outstanding artists whose warmth, talent and very essence captured my friendship to the extent that I now regard them as family. I was truly privileged to witness the extraordinary creative process of the husband and wife team whose talent is beyond words each in their own individual styles.

A few years ago during Christmas time, I lost my dog, my beautiful Donovan. It was at this moment in time while I was tutoring their son Patrick that Agnes said that she had something for me.

To my amazement, Agnes had made this so true to life painting of Donovan. No words can describe the accuracy with which she had captured the very nature of Donovan.

Agnes truly paints with the Soul. The harmony of colors, sensitivity and precision with which she approaches her subject matter goes beyond the comprehension of the intellect. It comes from another dimension.

— Lionel Cuccioletta, Laval, Quebec